What’s next on the agenda for the Trump hating resistance? Killing Trump supporter’s dogs

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Unfortunately I’m not at all surprised by this. Everyday the left becomes more unhinged from reality.

Overcome by delusions of Russians, Nazis, racists, and fascists hiding behind every bush these psychopaths will do anything for their twisted ideology.


ANTIFAFORISLAM 21 June at 16:30 •
Fighting our enemy is number 1 priority. We identified the areas where most altright and far right supporters live. Most of these people have pets. Please target areas and parks in Texas especially Giddings, Schulenburg and Vidor. We have posted the data and the instructions inside of the Google Drive folder posted in the private group. Please follow the instructions and lets hit them where it hurts the most their scrawny dogs. If we break their closest friends we break them. DONT LET FASCISTS AND FASCISM SPREAD! RESIST NOW! The article below is helpful as well please use password: RES!ST

Instructables: Making Effective and Weaponized Pet Treats with Sharp Objects Hidden Fighting fascism starts at the heart. Below instructable file can be a great way.. ANTIFASCISTNETWORK ORC

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